Here is the point, I know that we are living in a very exciting and unprecedented era of history, but the same could be said for every single era that has come before this one. Are our threats more real than theirs were? Ask your grandpa....



Writing a book is like pushing a single boxcar in the middle of the desert. It’s lonely. It’s an insane amount of work. And most of the time you don’t know if you are actually accomplishing anything. You go days and days lost in your own mind and wonder if you’ll ever get out.


You see, as a Christian, complaining that you are alone or unloved on Valentine’s Day is like sitting at a giant table that is loaded down with the world’s most ridiculous feast, and once you are seated, you frown and say, "I wanted Chuck E Cheese.”

Shades of Darkness

Like all the trinkets of the enemy, pornography is shiny, distracting, and it has hidden hooks in it. I bit down hard on the glittery lie that said that the world knew more about sex than God did.

Alternative Facts

You see, I found this in myself when I was happily attending church buildings but never submitting my whole life to Christ: I loved the church, I loved the word of God, I loved theology, I loved talking about God, I loved hanging out with my church friends, and I loved God, but I also loved a whole lot of other things too.

Thankful for Trump

Can I just say that I thank God for our current president? I can't? Yikes, well then, I'll just say it anyway, and hope that you can't find me at the Starbucks where I'm currently typing.

Mourning Victoria

I don't want to go on. I was in prayer this morning thinking about writing this and I was crying out to the Lord: weeping for the sins of my people.

Helpless Helping

Tacoma Wa. The sun is setting on another sunny day in the Pacific North West. The dry grass crunching painfully under my flip-flops attests to what an anomaly this weather really is. The ground is parched and longing to be satiated. I smile at the helpless wilted lawn and shake my head, “Three days of... Continue Reading →

The Weak Things

I must confess something to you before we begin. I must confess that out of a heart of pride of wanting to appear grand and in charge of everything in my life, with a solid grasp on who God is and what his ways were like, well, I haven’t written in 6 months. I’ve been... Continue Reading →

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