Quick Update

I don’t have much time. Actually, I’m borrowing time from the sleep that I’m supposed to get tonight. Esta la vida loca!

We have spent the last two weeks in America. And, not just any America, New Mexico. New Mexico is exactly like Mexico… except, what’s the word… new? New Mexico is also where Stefanie and I grew up. Most of our family is in the state and we call it home.

   You can’t spell “Fall” without “green chile.”

I’ll write more about our homecoming and our thoughts, impressions, and challenges whilst we were back at home, but for now I felt like our blog only needed a quick update. We are headed to “The Village Global” in southern Mexico.

FAQ: Where are you going?

Frequent and insufficient answer: Southern Mexico. Like the skinny part of Mexico.

Follow up question: What will you guys be doing?

Insufficient answer number dos: God knows.

We’re crazy. We continue to establish this.

Okay, so we have all of our stuff (why is stuff so easy to accumulate?! Where does it come from? Even necessities seem to snowball and now we have two trash bags for our car! TWO!!) in the car. We are God-willing 10 minutes away from a 9-hour drive from Killeen, Texas to Loredo, Mexico where we’ll God-willing spend the night. Then, tomorrow the plan is to drive to the Village Global and meet people that we’ve only talked on the phone too. Seriously, that’s the plan.

There are a ton of frequently asked questions that I’d love to address, but, Stef is brushing her teeth while dragging a cooler across the floor towards the car. My time is up. Time to help.

Here is a link to the community where good things are happening every day: http://thevillageglobal.org/

And finally, pray! Pray that we would depend on God fully today and not our own wisdom or abilities, nor the abilities of the car or the other drivers. Pray that God gets all of the glory. Also, read Isaiah 29. It’s amazing and worth your time.

That’s it.

Until next time,

Lose your life!


                                  So much red!

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